What can you count on as a member of IT Resellers Group?

An IT Resellers member is a computer expert and has the necessary proven knowledge and track record. Our members enjoy pre-negotiated deals with distributors, vendors, telecom and service providers. The main benefits for members are reduced overhead costs, access to special prices and services, a competitive market position, better profitability, exclusive deals and good marketing support. This allows our members to support consumers in their needs, both in terms of service and price.

Quality brands

Only quality brands (A brands) are offered to exclude disappointments and misery. In this way we can guarantee operational reliability and a long life of the products.

The best prices

Each member of the IT Resellers Group enjoys special deals and discounts, which not only benefits him but also ensures that he can always give you the best prices.


On a regular basis he can propose you great promotions and promotions. You can ask for it in the store or surf to www.itdeals.be, where you can always find the latest promotions.


He also has the necessary knowledge and experience to assist you in choosing the products that meet your requirements. This way you can decide with peace of mind.

After-sales service

Even after the sale has been closed, you can always contact him if you encounter problems or have any questions. He is happy to give you the best advice.

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